Monday, February 23, 2009

Pass the Goose, Bruce

In our favorite walking park south of Denver, the village authorities have commenced hunting coyotes, purportedly nuisance coyotes who have threatened people and taken pets. At the same time, most of the large geese that frequent the park's two ponds are now absent, at least temporarily, and their droppings have been swept from the park's sidewalks and trails. Clearly, somebody has made a decision that the park is for people first.

When the geese were much more plentiful -- i.e., until a few days ago -- I often wondered whether they might look tasty upon someone's dinner table. Impoverished people in the city might benefit from a free poultry meal, and others might find an occasional game bird appetizing. But Canada geese are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918. Poaching them remains a crime.

We think of other cultures as exotic for the animals that are and are not consumed. In India, cattle are untouched; in Middle Eastern cultures, it's swine. As a non-hunter, I still wonder how strange it must look to hungry people of the planet that we have geese aplenty in our midst and choose to leave them to the coyotes.


  1. And I, too, "still wonder how strange it must look to the hungry people of the planet that we... choose to leave them to coyotes." But this is a tough budget year. Blame the goose surplus on Scrooge: there have been too may ever since Scrooge decided to give Tiny Tim a turkey instead of a goose for Christmas!

    Anyway, Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I have checked in to your Blog and shall try to do my best impression of a bad penny and return later!

  2. Welcome Dr. Bob! If I had two dead geese, I'd offer you one. Stop back anytime!



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