Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NHL Tongue-Twisters

So, you want to be an NHL announcer? Say these tongue-twisters, five times fast!

1. Sergei Gonchar shrugs at shoulder surgery.
2. Tkachuk cross-checks Chris Chelios.
3. Flyers freely fear flawless Fleury.
4. Olczyk cites Sharks' sharp skates.
5. Numminen earns more manna than the mininum.
6. Laracque's knuckles rake Roenick's locks.
7. Only Owen Nolan owns Khabibulin.
8. Gretzky jeers Jean-Sebastien Giguerre.
9. Stasny sits: shameless slashing.
10. Red Wings' Zetterberg gets $73 million.

(That last one isn't much of a tongue-twister, but I still can't say it without choking up.)

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