Sunday, February 1, 2009

Confidential to "Boom Boom Von Doom"

The flat-track roller derby craze that began around 2002 is chronicled by reporter Paul Wachter in today's New York Times Magazine.

He wrote a pretty good article. Still, he didn't capture the full extent of gonzo exuberance that you and your fellow Mad Rollin' Dolls displayed at your "bout" in 2005, the first I'd ever seen. I hadn't laughed so hard in years -- and I daresay, neither had your grandmother, nor my beloved spousal unit, nor the rest of your traveling fan club.

Though you're now retired from the Quad Squad, no doubt collecting a hefty pension while waiting for that phone call from the Roller Derby Hall of Fame, I say thanks to you once again for being such a colorful crazy-person. You continue to entertain us all. "'Boom Boom' is in the room!"

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