Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hockey Central

          Announcer Man says,
          We take you now to Hockey Central
          For an update.

          Hockey Central.
          Sounds like a magical place
          With colors and speed and slashing blades
          And fresh air wafting off the ice.

          Do you need a passport to go there?
          What kind of food do they grow there?
          What’s the exchange rate with the Euro there?
          I think about these things.

          When they update you in Hockey Central,
          Are you fully informed on the issues,
          Or do they leave you wondering why?
          Does the First Amendment apply?

          Lighten up, you say;
          It’s just for fun.

          Well if that’s so,
          If it’s all about the play,
          Then why’s that puckhead coach
          So angry all the time?
          Always in the ref’s face.
          Is his necktie on too tight?
          Did he lose too many fights?
          Did he forget how to pass, how to shoot, how to skate?

          Maybe he needs to go to Hockey Central
          For an update.

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